At Conveyor Belt Strategies we are a leader in business development programs.

We Provide targeted strategies for customer enganement and retention based upon building genuine relationships through constant communication.  We belileve in the power of sincerity, of reaching out to customers through authentic messages sent with greeting cards,  and gifts.

Our program enriches the professional communication process between sales expert and customer, creating a strong relationship and leading to long term sale potential and revenue growth.

Conveyor Belt Strategies was founded to promote the principle of saying “Thank You” to your customers.  The old fashioned customer service we knew in our youth has disappeared.  It has fone the way of the black and white TV.  OUr fast pace lives means everyone is in a hurry and to often don’t take the time to become friens with their customers.

Ask yourself these questions.  Did I think my customer for their order?  Did I send her a thank you card?  When did I see Mr Jones last?  What do I know about my best customers?  Should I be educating  my customers or just going after the sale?

What are your answers?  Are you in touch with your customers?

The star on my logo represents your customer doing business with you.  If they fall off you have lost a customer.  Let Conveyor Belt Strategies help you keep that customer from falling off your conveyor belt.