About Us

After 40 years in the sales and marketing business, I think I have made most of the mistakes you can when trying to get and keep customers.  Let me count the ways.

After making your first sale, be sure to ignore that customer. Just because it’s five to seven times cheaper to sell to an existing customer, the thrill is in the cold call. Making cold calls is fun. Who knows what you are going to hear when someone picks up the phone. Four letter words and where I can put the telephone are the two most common replies. Let’s call on the business down the street. Oh, oh they only see salespeople on Tuesday, by appointment. You see a potential customer you called on yesterday at lunch. You go up to say hello. He says who are you?  Surely, you can think of your own mistakes when dealing with customers.

I started Conveyor Belt Strategies to help sales people get and keep customers. The principle is simple. Communicating with your potential customers before you meet them face to face goes a long way in getting your customers to know like and trust you.  Building relationships with your customers should be your most important goal as a salesperson. Remember it’s all about them, not you. I show you ways that you can use to build a relationship with your customer. Once you have built that relationship your customer is buying from a friend.